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Pia Wurtzbach takes you along on her travels and food trips through Pia’s Kitchen
Pia’s Kitchen is all about celebrating world cuisine and culture, one dish and delivery at a time.

Co-created by CloudEats and arguably the most popular Miss Universe winner Pia Wurtzbach, Pia’s Kitchen features a “traveling menu” concept where the menu evolves every quarter to represent a new travel destination.

Pia’s intention is to share her favorite food from her travels and to inspire her fans and customers to try new cuisines and dishes, while sharing her strong passion for food. We developed this brand with Pia to bring intriguing flavors from all around the world to young working professionals, starter families, and savvy food and travel enthusiasts who seek to experience world cuisine via the power and convenience of online food delivery. 
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Taking the best of Pia’s travels and creating an evolving menu around world cuisine 
Pia Wurtzbach’s immense love for both food and travel inspired this concept and menu. 
I really love food and I really love to eat. I wanted to share my favourite cuisines with people and I thought Pia’s Kitchen would be the best way for people to have a taste of the world one click away. Especially now in a pandemic where travel is not as accessible to all, tasting food from different parts of the world feels like you’re already traveling.
As a cloud kitchen, it was an opportunity for CloudEats to demonstrate operational and commercial agility, compared to a traditional restaurant. 

The traveling menu concept also engages the target audience to anticipate the evolution of the menu and keep coming back for new dishes and favorites. 
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Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipina-German Miss Universe 2015 winner, model, actress, host, television personality, and one of the most recognizable celebrities. Pia studied culinary in university and she has now gone beyond cooking as a passion to food as a business, in partnership with CloudEats. 
Your passport to different cuisines around the world, 24/7
The first stop on this culinary journey is Japan - giving you a burst of East Asia’s flavors that Pia loves. The Salmon Teriyaki Salad is rich in flavor, further elevating Asian salads while the Japanese Sandos, such as the Beef Sando, is made with homemade beef patty, caramelized onions and special Umami sauce, mimicking the Japanese convenience store foods that are popularized in their culture. Pia is a fan of this snack concept and we brought this to life in her menu. The next destinations for Pia’s food journey are SouthEast Asian, Mediterranean, Latin America and Western Cuisine. We can’t wait for all of Pia’s fans to try the new menus! 
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Beef Gyudon
The traditional Gyudon bowl, a Japanese dish with thinly sliced beef, sweet onions, and poached egg over a bowl of steaming rice is a classic offering in the Pia’s Kitchen menu that is one of Pia’s ultimate comfort food favorites.
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Pork Katsu Curry
This dish features generous strips of crispy breaded pork cutlet topped with rich and flavorful Japanese curry sauce and it reminds Pia of her culinary journey through Japan. 
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