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Rhian Ramos wants to prove that healthy can be both delicious and accessible
Having convenient access to healthy food is essential for maintaining an ideal lifestyle and finding plant-based, healthy alternatives to our favorite dishes has never been easier thanks to Healthy Appetite by Rhian Ramos. 

Through the partnership with CloudEats, Rhian’s Healthy Appetite brings high-quality and affordable every-day meals into the food delivery space - where there is currently a huge opportunity in the market. 
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High consumer demand to eat healthy frequently, while on a budget 
The availability and affordability of healthy meals in the Philippines often pose a major challenge to anybody who wants to order food online. Though increasing in popularity since the pandemic started, the healthy options available to Filipinos are still very limited and expensive. Healthy Appetite answers this demand for casual, every-day, healthy and affordable meals. 
I think when you easily have access to healthy items, it motivates people to purchase because it’s easy and convenient. I want to provide that, especially for those who are wanting to be healthy or have a clean diet, so it’s really important to me that healthy food can be enjoyed by everyone. 
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Rhian Ramos is a Filipina actress with GMA Network (largest media network in the Philippines), a commercial model and singer who advocates healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

She eagerly shares her wellness and workout tips with her fans. 
Providing flavorful and nutritious options for casual healthy eaters 
Healthy Appetite offers complex carbohydrates, plant-based substitutes, and a whole lot of veggies! A few favorites include healthy breakfasts like the Chicken Tapa Bowl with Adlai, the veggie-packed Eggplant Katsudon with Cauliflower Rice for lunch, and the surprisingly filling 
Kani Mango Salad. 
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Chicken Tapa Bowl with Adlai
This Healthy Adlai bowl with Chicken Tapa, a Filipino style chicken preparation is paired with pickled green mangoes, tomatoes and poached egg for a filling yet healthy Filipino inspired meal. 
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Eggplant Katsu with Cauliflower Rice
This fan-favorite features crispy breaded eggplant on top of fluffy cauliflower rice, paired with pickled carrots and jicama, drizzled with tonkatsu sauce. It’s the perfect combination of vegetables in a quick and nutritious meal. 
Raves & Reviews
Healthy Appetite by Rhian Ramos,  delivers within Metro Manila 
via GrabFood or FoodPanda.
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